Season 2019


Sign-on for Season 2019 - registrations are now open.

As per Season 2018 we have a dual registration system.

You need to register via our club management system, Majestri to register with the club.  This also where all of our club registration & fees are paid.

You need to register with Play Football to register with the association.

Both need to be completed & payment made (or payment plan committed to) prior to players taking the pitch.

Please note that myfootballclub has been replaced by Play Football for Season 2019 & beyond.

Existing players should receive a link to set up their Play Football account, new players will need to set up a Play Football account.

Below is a link to the instructions to self-register via Play Football as provided by Football Victoria.


Please note that all JUNIOR players MUST have a current photo uploaded into Play Football.

Coming Soon!

2019 Fees

At Lara United FC we aim to keep our fees affordable for our players.
Below are our fees for Season 2019 which we have had to increase from Season 2018, the main cause being the cost of hiring training venues.
We thank all of our club sponsors who help us keep fees at an affordable level.
We also thank all of our members & supporters who have supported our club fundraisers in the past & we hope this continues in 2019.  Remember to try to get support from outside the club whenever possible so we are not always asking our members for money.
Via our club management system, Majestri, we are able to offer payment plans that you can start paying off at any time, 30 percent of the total owed to be paid up front, & then you can nominate the amount & frequency once that is paid.
For 2019 Majestri will be offering 2 payment days per week, Tuesday & Friday.
Please note that fees will apply if your direct debit fails.
We are also able to take payment via the following methods - EFT, online via Majestri, cash or direct deposit.
Registration night for Season 2019 will be Wednesday 6th February, 5.30-8pm at our clubrooms.
We ask that all players, including senior players pay at least their club membership by this date to enable us to judge what teams we are able to enter for 2019 competitions.
State League players will need to pay the assocation fees component of their registration before being approved  to play in State League pre-season competitions.

State League Men: $415 registration fee plus $35 membership fee per player. ($203 assoc. fees payable prior playing in official pre-season comp. matches).

State League Women: $390 registration fee plus $35 membership fee per player.  ($187 assoc. fees payable prior to playing in official pre-season comp. matches).

Local Men & Local Women: $365 registration fee plus $35 membership fee per player.

Juniors: $300 registration fee per player plus $40 family membership fee for the first junior or miniroo player of each family only.

Miniroos: $210 registration fee per player plus $40 family membership fee for the first junior or miniroo player of each family only.

All Abilities Senior: $30 registration fee plus $35 membership per player.

All Abilities Junior$20 registration fee plus $40 family membership for the first junior or miniroo player of each family only.

Please note that for Season 2019 medical forms will not be required to be completed.
Please note any medical alerts in Majestri in the relevant section.
Parents / guardians with children with medical alerts are expected to be on hand at training at games in case of emergency.
It is club policy that all miniroo parents should be present for the duration of training in case of emergency.
No miniroo or junior player should be walking back to cars before or after training unaccompanied by a parent.

The club is happy to provide a letter introducing the club & any individual player who would like to approach a business about individual sponsorship, please email the club if this is something you require & we will arrange.

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